Review: Batman: Arkham City


Welcome to the first instance of crossover work we’re doing with another of the awesome sites under the Neon banner. I have started doing some work for Oscar over at the geektastic The Sci Fi Show. I take a look at Batman: Arkham City and see if it is worthy of its place at the throne of Batman games. I delve deep into the title and explores what it has on offer.

You two... PLAY NICE!

It’s become clear that Batman doesn’t just dominate the silver screen in terms of comic book adaptations, he also dominates the gaming world.

“The first thing I noticed in Arkham City is the level of work that has gone into the city itself. From the cracked and broken streets to the bad-guy fortresses, every inch of Gotham City has had lashings of unique art and high-quality production put into it. Goons are on every corner and most areas are guarded by ridiculous amounts of armed criminals, ready to make Swiss cheese out of anything that resembles a bat. Full credit has to go to the creative team, as this truly feels like a city under siege. Only by being Batman can one feel right at home against these ridiculous odds.”

To read the rest of my review, you’ll have to glide on over to The Sci Fi Show website here.

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