Review: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon


I was more than a little unfamiliar with the Ace Combat franchise when this review landed in my lap. After the disappointing HAWX series not quite living up to its potential I’ve been aching to get some Afterburner styled dogfighting on and, on this front, Assault Horizon definitely brings the goods. If you’ve got even a passing interest in taking to the skies it’s well worth a look.

Though it does have a few niggling gripes, the gameplay as a whole is atmospheric, cinematic and a blast.

“Ace Combat: Assault Horizon makes aerial sorties user friendly with a variety of mission types at your disposal as well as a plethora of fighters to pilot. It’s not all about high altitudes and breakneck speeds. Developer Project Aces mixes it up with some palette cleansing Apache helicopter runs, several stints as a chopper door gunner and has you manning all manner of explosive awesomeness in an AC-130. ”

Would you like to know more? Then click on through to my GameArena review here…

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