Game Pitch: Titanic with zombies


Earlier this week a tech video of the Titanic rendered in CryEngine 3 did the rounds, wowing people with how beautiful it looked and its impressive attention to detail. As impressive as it was, this wasn’t the most interesting part to me. What was infinitely more fascinating was the new article idea it spawned. Ladies and gentle-gamers, welcome to Game Pitch.

Run, Robert! Run for the Titanic!

The idea of Game Pitch is simple. All you have to do is answer one simple question: would you play this game if it existed? Here’s the pitch.

The first-person game is set on the Titanic and begins with the usual ‘getting to know you’ crap that usually precedes horrific events. You play as Russle McMuscles, a Scottish dude who works in the engine room of the fated vessel. Obviously, the Titanic hits a rather large and icy snag on its intended journey, and this is where the real game begins.

There’s a zombie outbreak on the ship as it slowly starts to slip beneath the waves. As an engine room worker, you start at the lowest and rearmost point of the ship. Icy waters drive you forward but a zombie outbreak in the middle of the ship forces you back. You can do a run-and-dodge approach to reach the open deck, making use of makeshift weapons such as chairs and snapped-off lights or use heavy furniture to temporarily block doors and slow the zombies… for a time.

Alternatively, you can save and recruit followers with particular skills or break into locked rooms that store more powerful anti-zombie deterrents. The choice is yours, but waiting too long to advance means you run the risk of drowning, while speeding to the decks means you might arrive ill-equipped for survival.

Naturally, on-the-fly moral choices would also present themselves that play out in real-time. Choosing to save people will score you valuable items or maybe even just another body that can be pushed down a flight of stairs and used as zombie fodder. Leaving people behind might also reduce the chances of your survival.

The game would play out in real time, meaning that a single run-through would last less than three hours. But there would be plenty of incentive there for repeat play-throughs such as the ability to find out the truth behind the zombie outbreak (a la Dead Rising). Things such as removing the ability to save the game in any capacity on higher difficulties would encourage on-the-fly play styles. Throw in a cooperative mode with no saves with the option to sacrifice your buddy’s life to save your own at certain points, and you’ve got a potent recipe for competitive/cooperative.

But the real question still remains. Would you play it?

(For anyone interested in the original video I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’ve embedded it below.)

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  • Anonymous

    Why does the hud on the video look familiar to me? And why is energy spelt with an ie?

    The Titanic would be an interesting place for a game setting but zombies? No.

  • Anonymous

    The HUD is from Crysis and it’s spelt with an ie because it’s in another language.

  • Anonymous

    Chuck in a time trial mode! Leaderboard for who can complete the game the fastest.

  • Anonymous

    I knew that..

  • Anonymous

    I love this idea. You can play it similar to Left For Dead. Player can have waves of enemies that come randomly, weapons can be hidden everywhere to encourage you to explore giving the game a sense of risk VS reward. On to of this the dynamic will continue to shift as players are forced to change locations as the ship sinks. This game NEEDS to be multiplayer, I think 4 player Co-op.

    Also, allowing players to swim through underwater sections could open up a whole new level of tension, swim to get that axe you saw. Just hope you can get it before your out of air…

  • Thrillho

    I love this idea. Your point about repeat play through’s is great because you have such a large environment where you could take multiple routs and meet different people/obstacles. Also it has awesome potential for puzzle solving or clue finding if you take the time. I can picture the rooms filling up with water as you quickly rummage for weapons whilst trying to avoid zombies- fuck me it would be exhilarating! It certainly sounds like it would be a very adrenaline fueled experience.

  • Frozencry

    Great idea, but it cannot be linear. Has to have multiple corridors, no invisible walls and it’s easy to get lost lest you follow the signs that are left in corridors giving you hints as to which is the right direction.

    Do that and it’ll be ridiculously terrifying, largely due to the fact that you’re lost, in a claustrophobic environment that is sinking, and there are blood thirsty 28 days later-esque zombies everywhere.

    Also, no QTE’s.

  • Anonymous

    Swimming would definitely be in there, but remember that the water is ice cold. So there’d definitely be restrictions on how much time you could spend in the water. Obviously, water would slow you down, too.

  • Anonymous

    Now you’re talking turkey.

    I definitely hail from the ‘fuck QTEs’ camp. God, I’m so over them.