First Thoughts: rawDLC vs Rainbow Six: Patriots


Before the very recent release of the Rainbow Six: Patriots concept trailer, we decided to commit some of our initial thoughts to digital paper. Josh kickstarts proceedings with a flashback to Rainbow Six games of old; Nachos is next off the grid with some narrative wishes and Dave wraps things up in a way that only Dave could. You’ll have to make the jump to read the rest.

Perfect... Peak hour traffic...

Josh: Tom Clancy games have always been must-buy titles for me. There is a great power to games with a very simple, climactic story that tend to involve the fate of the free world. Shooters need escalation and tension, and out of  these types of games the Rainbow Six franchise has always been my pick from the military shooters. My one gripe has always been that it is always American troubles, and to find out that the new game will be set in the US of A with Americans staring down the crosshairs at other Americans has me at a fever pitch. For far too long we have picked our newest flavour of the week for so-called bad guys and are expected to shoot at them without remorse. I am really excited to see the reactions to this news when it hits home closer to release. There may only be a few words on concept and a few rouge screenshots, but still this is right up there at the top of most anticipated games list.

Nachos: I’ve been a long-time fan of the Rainbow Six series. When the originals came out on the PC, I was one of those gamers who never went through the pre-level planning sections and, more often than not, pimped myself out with heavy armour and a shotgun with a 12x scope (just because). Then the Vegas games rolled around and essentially turned Rainbow Six into how I approached the older games: win! I would have been happy with the announcement of Vegas 3, but Patriots has me a lot more excited. Gameplay has become a secondary consideration to the awesome potentiality of a confronting narrative. The pitch–Americans fighting Americans–is daring, topical and ballsy; but that makes me love it all the more. I don’t want to see a game where the Rainbow Six team necessarily switches sides and realises that they’re doing the wrong thing. I just want to see a game that makes players the world over question the term ‘terrorist’ and haunts us long after we’ve stopped playing, in the same way that a well-produced movie challenges cinemagoers well after the credits have rolled.

Dave: I know not of this “Tom Clancy” you speak of or this manner of beast known as “Rainbow Six”. Being a late arrival to the first-person shooter genre and only losing my online cherry over the last few years, I’m eager to see what this franchise has to offer. Nachos and Josh speak about it in hushed tones, and this trailer has made me want to go back and give Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 a go. What intrigues me most is what role collateral damage will play, and what you and your team consider ‘acceptable losses’ by way of civilian casualties in the face of a larger terrorist threat. I can already predict a moral backlash (especially from the US) condemning this footage, but I’m drooling in anticipation. Will there be longer reaching implications and consequences for pitching a dude off a bridge and letting him explode into fish food? I can see myself happily neutralising any threat ‘for the greater good’ but can see it troubling those gamers with a conscience (ahem, Josh).

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