Film Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin


As fans of independent cinema would be well aware, you’re always taking a gamble when you head out to see a film that dares to defy Hollywood dependency and takes its own direction. We Need to Talk About Kevin is an independent film that tackles difficult subject matter that I can’t quite tell you about without ruining the plot. To find out more about this interesting film, you’ll have to make the jump.

They're actually playing happy family here...

We Need to Talk About Kevin tells the tale of a mother that has to retrospectively come to terms with her potential failures in raising her problem child Kevin.

“Tilda Swinton is as electrifying as ever in her performance as Eva, breathing such subtlety into her character. John C. Reilly continues to show his diversity with his depiction of Franklin, Eva’s husband, but the real star of the film is Kevin, the fiercely intelligent boy who’s not quite all there. For the most part, he’s played by Ezra Miller, an up-and-coming actor who provides a disturbing portrayal of the titular character.”

To read the rest of the review, head over to the NSFW Australian Penthouse website here.

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