Film Review: Immortals


When the super-stylised 300 hit cinemas, I was worried about one big thing: that every film in an ancient setting would follow suit. Thankfully, this fear did not come to pass, but that hasn’t stopped them from plugging Immortals in a way very reminiscent to the aforementioned scantily clad Spartan-filled flick. Take a Leonidas leap over the page to check out if it’s worth your pretty pennies.

The guards are used to Thaseus spazzing out at nothing

I’m a massive Tarsem Singh fan (The Fall, anyone?), so I was always going to enjoy the visual aspect of this film, but I actually ended up having a whole lot of fun with it. Observe.

“For what is a surprisingly bland story, Tarsem has done a fantastic job of injecting his signature visual flair and elevates Immortals to a much more memorable experience than the likes of the similarly themed Clash of the Titans mess. In fact, such is Tarsem’s directorial prowess that it saves Immortals from being a mere visual effects outing.”

To read the rest of my review inscribed in stone, you’ll have to head over to the NSFW Australian Penthouse website here.

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