Weekend Opinion: Favourite gory game


Most gamers that hail from old-school gaming roots will know that ‘gibs’ (chunks of bodies) have been in games since the moment developers figured out how to do it. As most followers of DLC will know, we love a little bit of gaming violence; y’know, just for shits and giggles. This Weekend Opinion puts the following question out to you. What is your favourite gory game of all time?To start you all off, my pick is Rise of the Triad. As far as games go, it’s not the best shooter around and going back to it now shows me that it really was little more than a slightly altered Doom clone. However, when it came to gore, this game was ridiculous.


Everything seems to explode in this game and, on top of that, gibs were not just simple red chucks: eyeballs, jawbones and more would rain down when rockets hit soft foe flesh. Even now I still laugh a little at the level of violence this game somehow got away with, and I still like throwing this game on every now and then. Just for the novelty.

What are your picks?

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  • Thrillho64

    After some thought, I’d have to say Dead Space. Nothing quite like walking into a room that resembles an abattoir killing floor, then being chased out by half human, rotting zombie aliens!  

  • Mikeiscool

    Has to be Carmageddon Man!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Soldier of Fortune.

  • Anonymous

    DUDE!! Carmageddon! Totally missed that… Good pick!

  • Anonymous

    I’d have to go with Cold Winter. Super fun FPS with a Bond type character not afraid to get his hands dirty. Enemies had 14 dismemberment zones and it had after kill damage so you could blast them to little itty bitty pieces.

  • Necroass

    alien vs predator ripping out spinal cords like your weeding a garden.

  • Jeoff

    Mortal Kombat!!!!!

  • rattyinc

    The most current gen gory game that i can think of that i’ve played would have to be God Of War…any of them … even on PSP it was gory.

  • Munkeypilot

    Soldier of fortune 2! Blood pumping out of exposed arm sockets

  • Anonymous

    Damn good call. That was one of the best things about the latest entry to the franchise.