Video: Freddie Wong illustrates the perils of inverting


It’s been a while between drinks since we’ve posted any of the weekly YouTube gold starring Freddie Wong, the gamer’s gamer with his itchy trigger finger on the pulse of pop culture idiosyncrasies. Today he takes a jab at those mutated players (cough Nachos cough) who insist on inverting. Get it right, it’s acceptable if flying a plane and that’s it as this shocking video depicts.

This cautionary tale speaks volumes, with its message clear. Invert at your own risk!

Since one sample of Freddie Wong simply isn’t enough, take time out to look at this close quarters hand-to-hand gunplay with Freddie’s trademark flair.

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t flying a helicopter fall under the same category as flying a plane?

  • Anonymous