Show: Saints Row: The Third video preview – via Studio 33


It’s no secret that the boys here loves them some Saints Row. Volition has jumped in head first taking it to ludicrous new heights. Whether it’s exploding a bystander with the Apoca-Fist, beating someone down with a giant purple dildo or going all Point Break on a Syndicate crew at 30,000 feet, Saints Row: The Third has got the fun factor dialled up to 11… thousand. Coming ‘atcha from Studio 33, The Saints’ unofficial Sydney home, Nathan, Josh and Dave reacquaint themselves with Johnny Gat and the rest of the 3rd Street Saints.

Park you brain at the door and buckle up for some of the craziest characters, loudest explosions and wrongest humour ever seen in a video game, which are all winners in the DLC book.

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Dave Kozicki

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