Show: Need for Speed: The Run video preview – via Studio 33


With the exception of Dave’s love for almost all things that burn rubber, the lads at DLC could pretty much take or leave any racing title, or as Nathan puts it, “I need to be able to blow shit up to get invested.” Making a pit stop at Studio 33, the guys enter the winner’s circle, jump on the podium and get to the nitty-gritty with this new reboot to the Need for Speed franchise, The Run. Josh and Nathan took time out to visit Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, the perfect setting to get to grips with The Run, chat with developers and get a first look at a what it has to offer.

How will the new race across the United States work? Will the foot-chases add flavour or be too gimmicky? Will the studio behind The Cannonball Run get their panties in a twist? Valid questions, check out the preview below to find some of the answers…

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