Screens: Battlefield 3 is ridiculously good looking


…on PC. It has to be said. It looks decent enough on console and though it pains me to admit, PC is definitely the way to go. If I had any sort of gaming proficiency in that field I’d be joining the masses in multiplayer as the endless fragfest kicks off late October. I’ll just have to make do with watching Nachos “tell n00bs what time it is” as he lights up the competition at 4am heavily boozed effortlessly racking up a 21 kill-streak… Oh yeah, and maybe take time out to gaze lovingly at these super slick screens EA just dropped.

J.J. Abrams is on line two… he wants his lens flares back

Nothing like a romantic night by the fire

Man! My place is getting fucked UP!

Petchoo, petchoooo… gotcha!

Campo? Must be a sniper

Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs

Check flaps? Err… phrasing?


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  • Anonymous

    This looks amazing, if only the beta looked like this…