Film Review: Real Steel


When I heard that a film about a giant robot fighting league was getting the green light, I have to admit, I was hesitant. After several uninspired Michael Bay takes I was ready to throw in the towel. Then Hugh Jackman jumped on board, the trailers dropped and I started to come around. After solid recommendations from peers describing it as a CG ‘The Iron Giant’, I was more than intrigued.

You da man! No. YOU da man! Oh yeah, I am da man... you're a robot

With strong performances all around, great special effects, a pulled-back camera encapsulating the action and a surprising amount of heart, Real Steel hits all the right notes.

“Note to Michael Bay, let a solid story be the basis and let the action grow from it organically. Shawn Levy handles the action sequences incredibly well, allowing the camera to frame the shots rather than splicing together a hodge-podge of quick music video styled cuts. It’s less about spectacle and more about solid fight choreography and it really works.”

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