Video: Rockstar drops first Max Payne 3 trailer

At last, the wait is over. It’s been eight long years since we’ve had a taste of slow-motionest, ass-kickingest, Hawaiian-shirt wearingest renegade maverick ex-cop in the biz, Max Payne. Since the first screen lit up the interwebs, fanboys have been all a flutter musing, hypothesising and wondering. Where can the franchise go from here? Why does he look more like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin than a grizzled detective? How many Hawaiian shirts does he have in his rotation?All valid points and the new trailer puts some of those questions to bed.

I’m remaining cautiously optimistic, with the pain of the horrendous movie adaptation still fresh. It looks gritty, violent and littered with gunplay, all part and parcel with the franchise, as is the central theme of redemption with a dash of revenge thrown in for good measure.. You don’t want to cross old Maxy boy. I’m reserving judgement until we see some actual gameplay, but I’m digging what I’ve seen thus far. Keep an eye out for this one.

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Dave Kozicki

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