Show: Bastion video review – Live from Studio 33


There’s something to be said for setting the tone with narration. A rumbling baritone can help serenade the player with its dulcet tones and cement the experience. Case and point? Bastion. Logan Cunningham voices your guide and his voracious velvety vocals vivaciously bring your actions to life as you move through this hacky-slashy RPG world. Plummeting to the Bastion from the lofty heights of Studio 33, the people’s champs Josh, Nathan and Dave work their way through the gorgeously coloured wonderland in an attempt to bring it back to its former glory.

Addictive, unique and nigh impossible to put down, Bastion is a must own title, a bargain on XBLA, PSN or PC and easily the clear winner in Xbox’s Summer/Winter of Arcade. Get a gander at the video review below and see what the lads are on about.

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Dave Kozicki

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