Review: Resistance 3

Consistently overshadowed by its PS3 exclusive sister, Killzone, Resistance has always been the bridesmaid, but never the bride. It has, however, always had one thing going for it. Namely awesome weaponry with crazy alternate modes of fire. No surprise really considering its developer, Insomniac Game’s, history with gun-centric series like Ratchet and Clank, but does a super-charged arsenal make for a engaging first-person shooter experience? Not so much. The old school gameplay works, but the narrative just doesn’t grab the player.

The set pieces are great, but you really feel like Resistance 3 is merely funneling you from skirmish to skirmish, with little else grabbing your interest.

“I might have become a bit more invested if once Capelli was identified by his human brethren; he was reviled for his actions against Hale, but as it stands the plot became a device to move Capelli from bigger boss battle to bigger boss battle. Luckily, the gameplay and weaponry far outshines the plot (as always with the franchise) boasting some of the coolest upgradeable gadgets to outfit your arsenal.”

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