Preview: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

One of the biggest releases in gaming is just around the corner and because I had Monday off, I managed to find some time to get to an event for the multiplayer component of this FPS epic. With show after show of predictions on which of this years heavy hitters will be crowned FPS king, time with Modern Warfare 3 seemed to be a crucial to help DLC fans make the best choice. And though I am on record for not being the greatest Call of Duty fan, I went in as open-minded as I can be and you can see my thoughts after the jump.

Though I am always playing for DLC, I was also covering this for our good friend Jess over at GamePron.

“From the word “go”, the visiting development team worked in true CoD fashion. No time wasted on long explanations or detailed breakdowns of the maps: This was CoD, if you haven’t played it then you are NOT a gamer. So after being shown a single trailer and taught a whole bunch of jargon, we were put in front of a giant screen, given a headset each and set loose.”

Check the rest out over here.


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