Preview: Battlefield 3 Caspian Border

So the chances are good that you’re currently playing the Battlefield 3 beta. If you’re not, what the hell are you doing? Stop reading. Download it, then come back. Got it? Great. In the Battlefield 3 beta you’ll be playing the Operation Metro(sexual) map. But for me, I was lucky enough to get some quality, albeit far too brief, time with Battlefield 3’s 64-player Caspian Border map. Needless to say it was oodles of fun. For the full breakdown of my time with Caspian Border and the cooperative mode (on PS3), you’ll have to make the jump.

In the first leg of my two-part preview, I take a look at Caspian Border from the perspective of a front line soldier. Check out the preview here at Atomic.

“First and foremost, Battlefield 3 feels a lot like Bad Company 2, but in a very, very good way. It’s the myriad of gameplay tweaks across the board and the incredible prettiness of Frostbite 2 that makes this deserve the title Battlefield 3 and not Bad Company 2.5. Anyone who played Bad Company 2 will be right at home here, while fanatics (myself included) will instantly notice the differences.”

Next up is the second part of my preview that takes a closer look behind the scene and offers a breakdown of the cooperative mode that I played on PS3. Once again, head over to the Atomic link here to read the rest.

“Unable to rewire my brain for un-inverted flight for too long, I decided to hit the silk; but not before lining up a tank. My pilotless jet overshot its mark but the ensuing explosion was sufficiently epic. Aside from the jets, jeeps handle exactly the same as Bad Company 2, while my brief stint in an attack helicopter was just as sluggish as the keyboard/mouse handling of choppers in the last Battlefield outing. It’s worth noting that Engineers can now equip surface-to-air rocket launchers for targeting and combatting air jockeys. Tracer darts may be out, but at least this offers ground combatants more of a fighting chance.”

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