Weekend Opinion: Favourite Forgotten Games


That right DLC fans, the Weekend Opinion is back! Every Saturday I will be dropping a comment inducing juggernaut for site regulars to flex their gaming muscles and throw in their two cents worth. This week, in honour of I Am Alive, the long thought dead title now brought back to life, I invite gamers to dig deep, way back through their memories, shattering the space-time continuum and find a title that piqued their interest and then promptly disappeared off the gaming map never to resurface again. To get this party started, I’ll kick off with my pick Killing Day.

This title, though average looking now, blew my mind when I first saw it in 2005. It was a standard run and gun shooter but it showed off the potential of what the PS3 could be capable of graphically. However, it disappeared for good. Shame.

On a side note, Ubisoft did file for the trademark “Killing Day” back in 2009, so you never know...

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  • chrisFromBrisvegas

    SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division gets my vote

  • http://twitter.com/Northy179 Northy179

    A good topic, my pick is also my absolute favorite survival horror game of all time. This game didn’t just appear and disappear, it barely appeared at all, I don’t know a single other person in Australia who has even played this game, it took me years to even acquire a legitimate copy of the game. 

    The game is Hell Night on PSX released in 1999.

    Finding a review of this title is near impossible but the one site that does have one sums it up perfectly in this line: 

    “Hellnight (Dark Messiah in its native Japan) is one of those games that is occasionally mentioned in lists of under-appreciated masterpieces; it’s the type of game that is fantastically popular amongst the very few people who have actually played it. It was only released in Japan and Europe, and in both regions it never escaped obscurity.”

    On first impressions the game is very simplistic and the graphics are kinda bad even for the ps1 era but the actual gameplay mechanics, AI, sound and sheer atmosphere of this game are extremely impressive and immersive.

    Even today as outdated as this game is, it still manages to get under my skin and scare the crap out of me playing in a dark room late at night. I completely recommend if you can get your hands on this title, do so, you won’t regret the experience.

  • Anonymous

    Though it’s still possibly on the cards my pick is Beyond Good and Evil 2

  • Anonymous

    God I hope its still on the cards…

  • Kalisynth

    Giant Citizens Kabuto is one that i fondly remember from time to time.

  • Anonymous

    Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2. Wish EA would come back and create the third one, awesome RTS.

  • DoGM3At

    Oh and Starcraft: Ghost… I’d still play that now.

  • Reggie

    Tiberium, great idea of a FPS based in the Command and Conquer world. Looked Bad ASS!