Show: DLC says See You Next Tuesday

With the team at two thirds strength due to Nachos being over at GamesCon (the lucky bastard!), Josh and Dave have decided to take a well deserved week off. It has absolutely nothing to do with the distinct lack of new releases fort this month, nor the two tickets to the red carpet premiere of Horrible Bosses that happened to land in DLC‘s lap. Sometimes the universe just aligns and tells you it’s time to take a break and be good to yourself… Given the stellar line-up of releases for the next couple of months it’s probably the only chance the guys will get!

Rest assured, the lads will be back next week with a double tap review of XBLA titles From Dust and Bastion, as well as a surprise extra podcast appearance to be announced during the show.

Catch you guys next Tuesday for more of the usual shenanigans…

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Dave Kozicki

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