Show: Batman: Arkham City video preview – Live from Studio 33


Gliding into Gotham City on a batwing and a prayer, the guys from DLC-Live have investigated a trail leading them deep into the bowels of Studio 33. Evading overzealous security guards, disabling video cameras and becoming one with the night the dynamic trio use their intellectual prowess to decode and decipher all manner of clues and riddles as they take an early look at Rocksteady’s newest latex clad offering, Batman: Arkham City. This sequel looks to address the inadequacies of the original and take combat to a whole new level in this open world insane asylum.

The lads are liking what they’ve seen so far as this title heads straight to the top of the ‘most anticipated’ pile. Don’t take their words for it though, check out the video and tell them what you think in the comments below.

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