Review: Link back to gaming glory in The Ocarina of Time 3D

While Nachos and Josh each have a rich background each in either PC dedicated titles or N64’s back catalogue, my roots as an Atari 2600 fanboy and PlayStation and Xbox origins leaves a decent whack of gaming gold yet to mine and unearth. After a poor first introduction into the Duke Nukem franchise with the latest abortion Duke Nukem Forever there was more than a little hesitation to take this legendary Zelda reboot for a spin. Would it live up to the hype or would another title crush gamers’ memories yet again?

I’m pleased to say this one exceeded expectations and left disappointment far behind in the rear view mirror.

“Having never even played a Zelda title or taken Link out for a spin barring a few boozed sessions of Super Smash Brothers I was surprised how quickly I got immersed in this fantasy world. The plot wont win any awards for originality as it is the usual “avert cataclysmic disaster by killing the big bad” formula, but what makes this title stand out so much is the journey to get to the final battle. ”

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