Show: L.A. Noire video review – Live from Studio 33

After the great response received for the Brink video review (and a healthy dose of hate as well), the lads took on a title a little more close to home. Developed within a stone’s throw of Studio 33, Team Bondi and Rockstar Games’ detective noir collaboration L.A. Noire gets put under the microscope. Marking a leap forward for the local industry, is it all its cracked up to be or have developers been riding the hype train all the way to the bank? To get the skinny, check out the embedded video and feel free to pipe up in the comments section.

So what do you guys think? Did we get it right? Are we way off base? Make yourself heard below.

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  • DeltaKnight

    I really like your review on LA Noire. I agree the motion capture is amazing, better than nothing else I’ve seen in a game and that I can see how the game leading you would be annoying. But I would say the game maker has made this game for ppl who just want to play an interactive movie instead of letting you be a real detective. Tho I di think that they could have included a couple of levels of difficulty for different players.

    Either way great review guys, you may have convinced me to play it on PC when it comes out.

  • Jamesfrommelbourne

    if only the game was as good as this review, really professional guys, the kind of things i expect to see (but dont) on televised game reviews. now if you can just think of a lame catch phrase…..