Show: Brink video review – Live from Studio 33

We’ve been hinting at it for months and the day has finally arrived. No, not the release of Brink, but the start of our new super-slick show. Don’t fret podcast fans, we’ll still be pumping out an hour of awesome every Tuesday night at 8pm (AEST), but consider this a sexy compliment to the regular DLC-Live. Kicking off Live from Studio 33 we look at the supremely underrated first-person shooter Brink. No surprise how much we love it or that it is frequently short-changed and misunderstood. A lot like us, really. We’ll be putting out this type of content regularly so stay tuned for more!

Below is the embedded video of our review. Let us know what you think!


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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
Video game reviewer, presenter and enthusiast. Film and TV-aholic. Pop culture geek. T-shirt and sneaker addict. All around nice guy and one hell of a sexy beast. Writer for Official PlayStation Magazine AU, AusGamers and Hyper Magazine.
  • Anonymous

    Hey mates, I am not a huge fan of Brink but your review video is 10 out of 10!

  • Anonymous

    Hey mates, I am not a huge fan of Brink but your review video is 10 out of 10!

  • Glenn Hanlon

    This review is spot on. The video review is excellent and i see alot of COD players try to use that COD syle of play on other games and it never works or ruins the game (infact it’s annoying on more objective based games, on brink it’s frustrating). Well spoken points. Keep these coming and i’l keep watching.

  • Hindes

    I have that Mafia tshirt

    It looks better on me

  • Drizzle

    You guys have terrible standards and terrible opinions.

  • Snake

    Great Review Guys. The show is looking very slick. I’ve been a bit behind the times and so need to still grab this game. Hope you are still up for some mp with it Dave when I eventually get it. Will be August at the lastest :)

  • BiigDaddyDellta

    Come on over and see us on the forums : ) we’re the not so casual BRINK community. Nice review Gents


  • Sckraps

    Very honest and educated review.  Well done guys.