News: The final list of E3 news

That’s right fellow gamers, another Electronic Entertainment Expo has passed us by. But I’ve got to tell you, this year was rather lacklustre in terms of what was on show. Everyone rushed to peddle their wares within the first 24 hours, which meant that news updates felt a little more towards the bottom of the barrel in the last two days of the show than they have in previous years. Regardless, I’ve stayed on top of it over at AusGamers, throwing together a whole bunch of interesting gaming tidbits today that you can check out after the jump.

Today’s news proceedings kicked off with the confirmation of a Respawn Entertainment-forged sci-fi shooter, an announcement of the Vita taking the region-free highway, word that we can expect alternating Battlefield and Medal of Honor games every year and the news that Arma 2 is joining the free-to-play ranks. Apparently Wii U owners will only be able to get additional tablet-style controllers by purchasing an additional console, Silent Hill: Downpour launched a creepy new trailer and you can get an extensive look at Tatooine in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bohemia Interactive is set to try their hand at building a helicopter sim without the missiles, Sony Online Entertainment tries their stab at recreating Heat and Top Gun: Hard Lock flies you straight into the danger zone!


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