News: Round-up of Tuesday’s E3 news

It’s Tuesday today, which means it’s Monday in the US of A where E3 kicked off earlier today (and by earlier today, I mean the wee, wee hours of the morning). The first day of the biggest gaming event of the year is always packed with the good stuff and we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the coolest news items that came out of the show today. I’ve been foregoing my beauty sleep (which I desperately needs) to pump out news at AusGamers. You can check it all out after the jump; go on, you know you want to. Do eet!

First up was the surprisingly arousing news of a Battlefield 3 release date, followed by the same for Dead Island; both of these also have sexy trailers attached to them, too. Up next was the word that EA is taking on the digital-distribution prowess of Steam with Origin. Halo fans (yup, that includes me) should be overjoyed to know that Halo 4 and a Combat Evolved remake were announced, the makers of Rachet & Clank are creating a “Spy-Fi” action title called Overstrike, while Mass Effect 3 has finally locked in a final arrival time. Far Cry 3 was unveiled with an action-heavy trailer, the Brothers in Arms series is taking an Inglorious Basterds turn in Furious 4, and Activision continues to show that they know how to up the ante in Call of Duty. Last but not least, a sexy BioShock Infinite trailer also made its way online for your viewing pleasure.


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