News: A collation of E3 news from Thursday

On the second last day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (that’s E3 for you hip young kids) the news had apparently slowed down considerably. Still, with my family mantra being ‘challenge accepted’, the day wasn’t going to get away from me without finding some interesting E3 tidbits. I continued my domination of the AusGamers front page with another round of E3 trailers, release dates and other assorted announcements that are well worth checking out. So grab your nose and take a dive.

First up we have a lengthy hit of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations gameplay, followed by some epic War in the North carnage, with a pinch of Aliens: Colonial Marines and a slab of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to start things off. The main course comprised of Need for Speed: The Run, some Gotham City Impostors and word of a Walking Dead episodic game adaptation. Dessert comprised of a NeverDead crumble, an X-Men: Destiny sorbet and some melted SSX.

Tomorrow is the last day of E3 and we’ll fill you in once again then.

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