DLC-Live Episode 44 – Get your arse to Mars

This week on DLC-Live Dave, Nachos and Josh put out one last show from the Geek Actually studio. The lads leave more destruction in their wake than usual as they review Red Faction: Armageddon.  Celebrating gaming nirvana, the guys treat the Live show viewers to a bucket load of E3 trailers (videos below for audio listeners). What’s on offer? The “soon to be banned” The Darkness II,  a salute to Boba Fett with Prey 2 and the rascals scrutinise Lara Croft’s new proportions in the yet again rebooted Tomb Raider. Plus you get the bonus plan as Nachos gets balls deep into Deux Ex: Human Revolution. Next week is the E3 show in an all new studio!

For your viewing pleasure here are the videos (in stunning HD):

The Darkness II E3 trailer:

Prey 2 cinematic trailer:

Tomb Raider ‘Turning Point’ trailer:

And for a laugh here is the Red Faction: Armageddon/Take On Me mash-up video:

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The show can be watched after broadcast at the Live page here…

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track, Geordie Hall for our spiffy new artwork and THQ’s own Oxford for review copies of Red Faction: Armageddon.

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