Show: Paul Wedgwood interview kicks off the new look DLC-Live

For gamers who know their first-person shooters, there’s few titles that we’re as excited about as Brink. Forget the mixed reviews out there, Brink is a game changer. It changes the way you operate as an individual and forces you to work as a unit to succeed, and it’s not easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is now, is it? Late last year, the guys here at DLC-Live had the chance to bro-down with Paul via Skype and got a brilliant interview out of the quote machine also known as CEO of Splash Damage and game director of Brink, but we had an ulterior motive up our sleeve. You see, DLC-Live is changing and we wanted to generate some heat with a title to remember.

Much like Brink, we are on the rise and misunderstood. Those of you that know and love our chaotic, technically cursed podcast will be well familiar with our opinions, love of thumbing our nose at conventions and doing things our own way. To this end we wrangled a like-minded developer, picked his brain about a similarly driven title and then got togteher with our buddies over at Studio 33 to make it all sexy and shiny.

Below is a taste, a teaser if you will of things to come in the near future and it sure is looking bright now, innit?

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