Show: No show fo’ sho this week

That’s right, folks, the title doesn’t lie. DLC won’t be going out live this Tuesday (the 24th of May), or this week for that matter. We’re currently in the throes of a location change as Josh ‘Game Guru’ Philpott is in the process of moving house, with all the fun times that entails. Nachos is using the time wisely with a planned epic gaming session (add him on Steam, uber_chimera, if you want to join in), while the Shotgun Samurai is slaving away on a nasty deadline. Fear not, DLC fans! We will return next week with our L.A. Noire review.

Isn’t that shot beautiful? Nachos’ PC gaming experience won’t have as many people, but it will be infinitely more epic. See you all on the other side of this week.

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