Show: DLC goes out live on Wednesday NOT Tuesday this week

You’d be hard strapped to ever call us out on a time when there was even the slightest shred of unprofessionalism on our part. We say no to overseas trips to make sure that the three of us are always going out live, we never have weeks off and we certainly don’t let some stupid awesome event that takes place on a Tuesday stop us from giving you your regular weekly gaming goodness. Due to an unavoidable life event that may or may not be an awesome actual gaming event that we don’t want to avoid, the show will not be going out live on Tuesday night.


We’re hopefully not going to see any sweaty hippies like this at our event, but we will surely be kicking it old school with a bunch of groovy game journos from the southern hemisphere. Just to clarify the important stuff: we won’t be going out live on Tuesday the 3rd of May, but will be going out live the following day. That means on Wednesday the 4th of May at 8pm (AEST), you will be able to tune in and see all the awesomeness that is DLC. We look forward to you seeing us then.

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