Review: Yakuza 4 brings great honour to sandbox games

It seems almost every other year we are lucky enough to be graced with an awesome gangstalicious Yakuza title from the Land of the Rising Sun. The pity is that we usually get it almost a year after its Japanese release… sad face. Though slightly graphically dated and lacking some of the smooth mechanics of newer open world titles, there is something uniquely compelling about the franchise. Whether it’s the brutal combat, interesting characters or the undeniable Japanese feel to it, I simply can’t get enough of it and keep going back for a lash, time and time again.

Get the skinny from my GameArena review exert below.

“What makes Yakuza 4 so compelling is the duality of the main characters. There is an intrinsically Japanese sense of honour to all four, who would brutalise an enemy for disrespect or rudeness, yet still have a desire to do what they believe is right. The decidedly Japanese influence is most evident during the countless activities you’ll engage in outside of the main quest.”

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Anonymous

    I wanna try this, looks pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    It’s awesome fun Baggy, takes a little bit to warm up, but then it’s balls to the wall action, intrigue and hostess training. Give it a go man