Review: Brink

It seems like an eternity ago that Brink was originally announced. When it missed it’s late-2010 release date, the DLC team was understandably upset. But I had faith that it was being delayed for the right reasons and the game would be better for it. Recently, I had the pleasure of calling dibs on the Brink review for AusGamers and, despite some embargo confusion, the review has now gone live in all its lengthy glory. So what are you waiting for? Make the jump already so I can stop padding out this introduction and get to the meat & potatoes of this story.

“First and foremost, Brink is not a single-player game. If you approach it as such, the chances are good that you’ll be rather disappointed. The reasons for this are wide and varied; everything from dodgy friendly AI to a distinct lack of story make this an unappealing option as a solo outing. The whole thing reeks of a bot match; multiplayer training for whenever you can’t find an online game, your internet is down or you want to try some newfangled tactic in front of an enemy that won’t LOL at you if it goes tits up.”

For the rest of my rather in-depth review, check out all the madness right here at AusGamers.

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