Preview: Hit the means streets of San Francisco in Driver

The Driver franchise is a weird manner of beast. With a law enforcement based lead (with Parallel Lines the sole exception) it has constantly bucked the trend of making crime look cool by making the main character, John Tanner, a cop. In Driver: San Francisco, the series takes a fundamental shift (no pun intended) in a bold new direction, with over a hundred fully licensed cars and a spirit jumping based mechanic that lets you take control of any burner on the road. Confused and intrigued? Sure you are! Read on after the jump to get the 4-1-1.

Here’s a quarter mile sample of my hands-on preview from Games On Net.

Driver: San Francisco is all about returning the series to its roots, namely the Bullitt-inspired chase sequences against the gorgeous backdrop of sunny San Fran. Ditching criminally minded reboot attempts like Driver: Parallel Lines, the latest in the series kicks it back to the old school, with protagonist John Tanner returning to the fold with his afro-centric partner Tobias Jones. Our preview session commences with the two monitoring the police band in the manliest of muscle cars, a Dodge Challenger, when bad news hits the wire. Crime boss Charles Jericho has busted out of the big house and, as luck would have it, is in the vicinity. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and deliver justice at 200 mph.”

Ready to give chase? Then click through here to read the rest of the preview.

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