Preview: BFG Bonanza – Preying on Skyrim is all the RAGE

Normally a preview offers a single look at an upcoming release, but when you’ve got a BFG Bethesda Bonanza showcasing not one, or two, but three titles, it’s reason to get excited. Recently I traveled to Park City, Utah to a snow covered wonderland providing the perfect setting for a menage a trois of awesome, namely first looks at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the surely to be under appreciated Prey 2, and a hands-on with RAGE. Yep, Christmas came early this year and jolly old Saint Nick emptied his sack and bestowed the gifts upon us lucky gaming folk.

First cab off the rank on my triple-tap of GameArena previews was the totally revamped Prey 2, which looks like a bounty hunter’s wet dream. Click through here for the lowdown.

My next stop was a Yum-Cha styled offering of RAGE, with five mini missions to knock out to get a proper feel of the single player campaign, found here.

Saving the best for last was an outstanding hour long presentation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that sent the room a flutter as it overwhelmed with pure unadulterated awesome. For the skinny put your mouse thingy here…

So if you’re at all interested in what Bethesda Softworks has to offer, get a gander at a triumvirate of tantilising titles over at GameArena. You won’t be disappointed.

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