Snake’s Update: Leaderboard Round 1 – Wrap up

Last Saturday the 26th of March saw the DLC Crew fire up Killzone 3 for the first round of the Official Leaderboard Competition. The night had a decent turn out with 13 members showing up, and while the event was not without initial teething problems, it was a solid start to the competition. Those wanting to compete for a chance to win the ever expanding prize pack of goodies will need to register by become members of the DLC Crew forums to get an clan invite on the night. The direct link to the DLC Crew and registration page can be found here.

The first two rounds saw uneven teams due to the way the match making in the game works. Round 1 saw three members versus ten, with the general public evening out the sides. Round 2 saw the game take a unfair turn with one crew member and 90% of the public players on one team depart. This left just ko-zee-ii & Moopidoo with three other randoms against a full compliment of twelve players, where rampant spawn camping abounded :(

Calls from Bagmup for fair play went unheeded as the public players on our team refused to let them out of their base.

Round 3 saw Adin & Adz switch sides and this, coupled with more public players made the teams an even 12 versus 12 again for the final two rounds.

The end of the night saw the points tally looking like this:

Skaterguy 63
Adz 59
Bagmup 56
Moopidoo 51
Sidawg 48
PSIress 45
Kalisynth 42
Spanners 40
Adin 35
ko-zee-ii 34
Dogme3t 34
Snake 25
The Chad 15

The new patch allowing private games will (fingers crossed) drop in the first week of April, and herald a much needed change in the competition structure. While it looks like the matches will be unranked, it will remove the spawn campers and time consuming hassle of getting more than 8 members into a single game.

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  • Anonymous

    The problem was that some of the guys on our side weren’t dlc crew, so they didn’t give a crap about backing off.

    I did find the squish machine during that match though hehe.