Review: Mass Effect 2 Arrival – Tasty last hurrah or cash in?

There’s been a resurgence of late into the Mass Effect universe. No surprise really, with PS3 owners finally getting to chow down on one of the best RPGs of last year (and maybe even giving the finger to X360 with a sharper engine and extra downloadable content thrown in). So how does EA hope to keep the ball rolling until November when Mass Effect 3 “arrives”? With the “arrival” of a new batch of DLC, named, funnily enough Arrival (no more puns, I swear). But how well does it fare next to the substantial content released thus far? Is it on par with the superb Lair of the Shadow Broker? All excellent questions, read on for the answer.

Here’s the intro to my first article for Games On Net and I took a wee whimsical approach.

“I was just starting to think it was safe to take a two second breather from the imminent Reaper invasion. I planned to belt out a few show tunes with Mordin. Maybe even knock back a brew with “Subject Zero” Jack, possibly get my groove on with Miranda or start a fight club with Grunt. Then Admiral Hackett (solidly voiced by geek god Lance Henriksen) throws a spanner in the works with a super secret solo mission that could send ripples all the way into Mass Effect 3. Damn that guy!”

Would you like to know more? Click here for the full review and look below for a sneak peek of what’s in store.

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