Video: Latest Brink trailer… (insert “class” pun here)

As the months turn into weeks counting down the release of Splash Damage’s first original IP, Brink, the media blitz begins. A massive warehouse party for Brink took over PAX East last week and to get you up to scratch with its class specific mission generator, this sexy new trailer “A Matter of Class” dropped a few days ago. Displaying an overview of Soldier, Medic, Engineer and Operative, it also shows off a selected exert specific to each particular archetype. Blow shit up as Soldier, revive as Medic, set up MG nests as Engineer or disguise and get sneaky sneaky as Operative.

As more details come to light, we’ll keep you posted on what we consider a guaranteed sleeper to hit the end of May.

For more Brink related stuff you can listen to the recent podcast devoted to a hands on here, read up on the Container City or Security Tower missions or get it straight from the horse’s mouth in our interview with Creative Dircetor Richard Ham.

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