Video: BF3 Fault Line Ep 3 = underpants explosion epidemic

Every couple of weeks for the last month or so EA has dropped a new episode to their “Fault Line” series to keep the hype train rolling for the release of Battlefield 3 at the end of this year. Each installment tops the last as they drip feed and tease the living crap out of gamers with what’s on the table. The first episode was a sploogefest for your eyeballs as we all got our first look at BF3. The second showcased the destructibility on a large scale as a sniper got his just desserts as well as half of the skyscraper he was attached to. Episode 3 brings fisticuffs to the fold, earthquakes and a frantic bridge-top firefight.

After following Sgt. Black through a series of air-vents for some Die Hard type action, we get a taste of some hand to hand combat before the squad hits a bridge in a hail of blood and bullets. In all of about three seconds it turns into an out and out clusterfuck with the team swarmed at almost every angle when two unexpected events level the battlefield. The first was an act of God as a tremor rocks the streets and throws everyone into disarray. The second is an attack chopper that turns insurgents into street salsa before the trailer draws to a close.

We don’t know how far away Episode 4 is, but goddamn this title is looking good!

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