Video: Battlefield 3 “Fault Line” Episode 2 brings the house down

A little while back, we all got a sniff of what Nachos had been banging on about for a week and a half. After listening to his excited rants on Battlefield 3, (and then ignoring the accompanying PC is always better than console, console is crap etc) we were excited to see some gameplay footage. When the first episode of Fault Line hit the interwebs if you listened closely you could hear a faint echo of “OH MY GOD!” reverberating through the space time continuum. It looked absolutely magnificent. Without further adieu we bring you EA’s second teasing installment.

Above was the last point we left our Generation Kill inspired warriors. Click on down below (giggedy!) and see where the next step of the journey takes them and prepare to have your jaw slackened at the advances to destructibility the new Frostbite 2 engine brings to the fold. The video is available in 1080p HD by clicking the “rawDLC” link at the top of the video, so prepare to have your retinas seared!

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Dave Kozicki

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