Snake’s Update: The DLC-Crew Leaderboard Comp 2011

After the success of  last year’s DLC-Crew leaderboard competition, we thought we’d up the ante and pick a single title to see us through 2011. Across the forums the clear winner was Killzone 3. We’re running the comp a little tighter this year, with all the rules and regulation clearly spelled out below, as is a picture of the prize pack that was distributed last year. We’re already grabbing bits and pieces for this year’s prize and it’s already looking killer. The only way to play is to join the the DLC-Crew, so be sure to jump on over to and register and show us what you’ve got, online. Take it away Snake.

The Leaderboard Comp is starting on the 26th of March.

Format of Comp.

It will run from Feb to Nov (March will have 2 rounds if possible to make up for missing Feb match if possible otherwise extra match will be played at some stage).
One match per month, with four rounds per match.
Game: Killzone 3
Mode: Warzone or Operations
Clan Only custom game if available, (these may be unranked) or if not patched in everyone will have to try to get into the one game.
All weapons and classes active.


1 point per person you beat. (if 10 play 1st gets 10pts, last gets 1pt )
5 points if you are on the winning team
2 points for attending

As official scorer and umpire. Snake will play in all games and will gain points as normal but will not be eligible to win prizes. This also applies to any DLC-Live members eg. ko-zee-ii, Dogm3at & Nachos Justice. Snake must be present for match to count unless otherwise arranged before the night.

Clan vs. Clan Matches

As the DLC-Crew plans to become active in the Killzone 3 community any clan vs clan matches will add points to the leaderboard as follows…

2 points for attending
3 points for winning
2 points for drawing
1 point for losing

Snake does not need to attend these match for them to count but a minimum of four DLC-Crew members must play and screenshots of each match/round must be posted in forums or email to Snake. These matches must have a thread in the forums at least one week in advance to give notice that they are happening. Opponents can be found on the night (as of March 11 there is no way to set up games with known opponents).


1st- Prize pack as decided by the guys at DLC-Live
2nd- $50 Voucher
3rd – $20 Voucher

Donations are being taken for 2nd and 3rd place. All money raised goes to the prizes therefore if more than $70 is raised the prizes will be come more. The split of money raised will be  roughly 70% to 2nd and 30% to 3rd

Joining the comp

You can join the comp anytime during the year but to gain the best advantage you should play from the start. The comp is open to all DLC-Crew members. To become a member sign up to the DLC Crew Forums and PM Snake or PSIress that you wish to join the crew. (see The DLC Crew is Recruiting Thread you must also join the DLC-Crew Killzone 3 Clan this can be done thru the clan page here or in game by a invite from Snake (please PM me for this to happen).

So get off your asses and get in on the action!

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  • Carbidedirect

    Is there a 360 comp?

  • Anonymous

    Not this year. We did have the Leaderboard matches aross both consoles last year, but it ended up splitting the regulars, so we opted for a single title and console this year. We’re hoping the numbers improve so we can have a X360 and PC comp as well, but that probably wont be until 2012.