Review: Whip it real good in Bulletstorm

Say hello to Grayson Hunt, a sado-masochistic special ops soldier who likes to kick and whip the shit out of enemies before sending them to meet their maker. As he struggles with his latent bromosexual feelings for his partner in crime Ishi and comes to terms with the bulge in his pants brought on by new recruit Trisha, he forgets the task at hand. Namely getting a whole planet’s worth of revenge on his former commanding officer and all around douche bag, Sarrano. To this end he’ll fight wave after wave of mutated monstrosities, battle an endless run of dick and fart jokes and struggle with his own control mechanics.

Bulletstorm hits close to the mark, but isn’t the resounding hit I’d hoped it would be.

“It makes it so close, yet so far in so many categories, which is surprising for a title that supposedly revels in its balls-to-the-wall attitude. I feel the best way to score it, is to embrace its “three quarters of the way there” mentality and mark it accordingly. Bulletstorm is by no means a bad game, but somehow still leaves you disappointed by the time you reach the final act.”

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Dave Kozicki

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