Review: Homefront

Anyone that has tuned into our live show in more recent months would be well aware that we’ve been keenly anticipating this title for quite some time now. It’s no secret that we saw the potential of Homefront from the early days and even after our initial multiplayer hands-on time was held back by some problematic technical issues, our hopes weren’t tarnished. But you know what they say about expectations and how they are the mother of all terms that aren’t necessarily politically correct. That last sentence really doesn’t do the game justice; the review really can’t be judged on its score alone.

The guys over at AusGamers called in yours truly to put this hotly anticipated title through the motions and, in all honesty, it was the hardest review I’ve ever had to write.

“I don’t recall ever playing a game that has left my jaw dropped for extended periods of time due to the sheer horrific nature of in-game events. Without spoiling the plot for you, Homefront does a fantastic job of exploring the darker side of human nature, the repercussions of a resistance movement in a country occupied by a brutal invading force and that fertile grey area between what we traditionally understand to be the ‘goodies versus baddies’ story. When Homefront gets it right — which it does at many key points of the campaign — it gets it really right with some amazing cinematic moments, resulting in genuinely engaging immersion.

But within this strength lies some of the game’s biggest problems.”

For my full review, head over to AusGamers for the full story.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, i just read Joaby’s review on GameArena, You need to lrn2getkickbacks Nachos.

    Was he even playing the same game as you? Giving this trash half a point less than Daves KZ3 review.

    He smokum peace pipe a long time me thinks.

    Edit – Whoops, never mind, i just saw his RDR score.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be crucifying him over his shit review tomorrow when I see him at an event… I look forward to hearing what he thinks is right.

  • QuesterX

    Holy shit you were generous!

    Tom’s review of homefront:

    One of the worst Multiplayer’s of a ‘big release’ i have ever played – tanks float off the ground, the graphics are frankly 5 years dated (maybe more), the models move like they were ported from CS Source, the lack of destructibility makes whore camping in buildings, something which i thought had gone the way of the dodo a ‘must do’. Weapons lack any sort of ‘feel’ meaning one is much the same as another and there appears to be no reason to choose anything but the assault rifle.

    The only thing that keeps it in the ‘game’ is the battle points system, a system that was well thought out but which was incredibly poorly designed and implemented – what i thought would be like an in-game store turned out to be a ‘you have the choice of 2 things! yay for you’ and those two things were incredibly boring.

    The explosions seriously looked like the explosions you might remember from CS BETA . All of this combined to just remind me that i was playing a game. I never felt any urgency, i never felt like completing objectives, i heard the count down but didn’t register it at all. When the round finished it was like i had just finished cleaning the kitchen but without the sense of accomplishment.

    As nathan said in the review sniper bullets travel almost instantaneously, something which literally turned whole teams into snipers.

    With the, and i can’t harp on this enough, terrible, terrible graphics combined with meh generic gameplay and incredible oversights like floating tanks (read they are actually not meant to float) I would be hard pressed to give the MP component a 4/10.

    I haven’t played the single player campaign but for a 100 dollar title from what i hear its 3 hours long. That is shocking.