Review: Fight Night Champion lays waste to the competition

On last week’s podcast (found here) a miracle occurred. Josh, Nachos and myself all unequivocally agreed that Fight Night Champion is the defining sports release of the year, and by far the best incarnation of the franchise. It’s difficult not to love the sublime graphics, the wonderfully intuitive controls, the new heavy punch modifier and the slick blocking system. Looking beyond these factors, the implementation of a well told story component moving the series into a more mature direction was a welcome change from the norm and makes Fight Night Champion a must add to any discerning gamer’s collection.

This is so much more than a contender for the title…

“Prepare to be smitten with punch drunk love. After playing through every incarnation of the Fight Night series, I’ve enjoyed watching its progression as it moved from strength to strength, subtly modifying it’s fight mechanics. It’s kind of hard not to be enamoured with the latest addition, Fight Night Champion, as it adds the notion of plot and a protagonist to the fold. EA has a tried and tested rulebook when it comes to this franchise – they could have easily slapped a coat of paint on it, trotted it out and watched to moolah roll on in. Instead they throw the book out the window and take a bold step forward – not just for the series, but for sports titles across the board. It all starts with the new Champion Mode.”

For a blow by blow recount of this stellar boxing experience, you’ll find my GameArena review here…

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