Review: Feel the old school love in Beyond Good & Evil HD

Recently dropping only on XBLA, the much loved 2003 classic Beyond Good & Evil has had an HD facelift. As I take a gander up its skirt for Gameplanet NZ, a flood of memories wash over. Its never looked better, the story and characters are still engaging, the varied gameplay sets the standard for cross genre tinkerers and though it still has a few chinks in its armour, it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played. If you’ve never taken it out for a spin, fork over the measly 800MS points and add it to your collection. I rank it in my top five of all time and every gamer should have it in their collection.

Here’s a choice little exert, and please support this title so the long anticipated sequel makes it past development hell.

“The year was 2003. The Iraq War was in full swing, Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant were ducking various allegations, and Ubisoft Montpellier, under the watchful eye of Michel Ancel (the guy behind Rayman, not literally), was releasing one of the greatest games never played, Beyond Good & Evil.

A magnificent blend of gameplay styles, humour, conspiracy theories and charming characters, it seemed to have it all and garnered critical acclaim. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always equate to financial success and by and large, it flew under the radar of most gamers.”

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