QuesterX presents another StarCraft II update

While the core three of DLC get a little bit bonkers about certain gaming genres and specific titles within these groups, none of us have really embraced the impending doom of the worldwide phenomenon otherwise known as StarCraft II. That’s where our good friend QuesterX swings in to save the day with all the latest news from the StarCraft II competitive gaming arena that you need to know. Forget about the sort of money you can make off Counter-Strike or Halo, StarCraft II is where the real money is at. QuesterX takes the time to break it all down for you after the jump.

Another season over and, well, just wow, what a season. It had more upsets than a parent whose child is stuck on the lap of a paedophilic Santa and the crowning of the first ever dual winner. This GSL had it all.

Turn that frown upside down!

The first thing to say is ‘holy hell’. Nestea, MVP, Marine King, Boxer, Inca, Top and

Genius all knocked into the up-and-down matches before we even progressed a round. I know that these names mean nearly nothing to most of you so I will give some context.

Nestea is GSL 2 season winner and is regularly touted as one of the best, if not the best Zerg player in the world.

MVP is, as previously stated, touted as being the best player in the world and is last season’s champion.

Marine King is dual runner-up of GSL and his style has revolutionised the game itself.

Boxer is the most prolific Brood War player in history with an unprecedented time in the number one seed. The Koreans call him ‘the emperor’ and he is the most famous E-sports names in the world.

Genius is the reigning champion of Blizzcon and is an amazing player.

Inca and Top are the respective hopefuls for their teams moving forward.

To have so many names unceremoniously exit the tournament so early, eyes and spotlights were cast onto a field of 16 that no-one thought would be there. F’instance, SanZenith, a heretofore semi-pro player knocked out Nestea (who had handpicked him for his first game as an easy win) AND Boxer to lead his group.

Unfortunately for hopefuls who made it through the culling, OgsMC also made it through. Jinro and July also busted the wall and made it through the giant-killing round. Three giants amidst a sea of hopefuls.

Jinro, a Swedish player, was unfortunately taken out by Hongun (my most hated Code S player… cheesy bastard) which left MC and July with an amazingly easy run to the finals.

So it was July, the former Brood War player and champion against MC, winner of GSL3, who was currently sitting in the best form anyone has ever seen him in.

MC smashed July, and then it was over.

But not before some amazing things happened.

The up-and-down matches were played. These determined if the players stayed in the money league, Code S, or are relegated to Code A. These are also a chance for eight Code A players to progress to Code S.

I felt sorry for the Code A players this season. They have played their hearts out and, normally and by design, the up-and-down matches are populated by the worst Code S had to offer. This season, by luck, they were populated with seven of the best.

This meant that names that should already be in Code S in place of some lesser players have to wait another month because the great players finally found their form. It also means that MVP and Boxer drop to Code A. Boxer I can believe. MVP, not so much.

If you could go back to Season 4 and look at MVP, who was undefeated for much of the tournament, you could never believe that the very next season he would be knocked out of Code S.

One other notable and awesome occurrence happened. Huk, the favourite of most of the western audience, the darling of NA, the Beta great who lost form shortly after, finally gained a Code S seat.

So now the pack has been shaken up. Complacency has been taught a lesson.

Over the next week we can watch the GSTL Season 2 (team league) which is, so far, an amazing tournament. We can watch the TSL (Team Liquid Star League), which has some awesome, fantastic, excellent match-ups; best of all, you can watch it for free. But really, we wait, for the next GSL. Who will be on form? What changes to the meta game have been made?

Watch this space and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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