Preview: Slide into Container City in our hands on with Brink

As I’ve been mentioning on the show these last few weeks, I recently had the opportunity to have another lash of Brink, my pick for sleeper hit of 2011 and one of the most interesting first-person shooters I’ve seen in quite a while. Breaking down the experience in LA to a three part triptych masterpiece of gaming glory is what’s on the cards this week, so buckle up readers, you’re in for a treat. This first piece is a getting to know you session with Brink as I give you the goods on a bit of the back story, art direction and the first part of the hands on in the colourful Container City.

If you don’t know about Brink, get cracking as SMART looks to be as much of a game changer as destructible environments was.

“The – as they put it – secret sauce ingredient is their SMART technology, standing for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain. Simply hold down the SMART button and you’ll leap across gaps, vault over cover, scramble up walls, slide around corners – as long as you pick an agile body type, if you can see it, most of the time you can reach it. It brings a whole new dimension to gameplay and how you think in the heat of battle. Before you know it you’ll be flinging yourself over a banister, landing and immediately sliding around a corner, peeking out with the lean to mechanic to see if the coast is clear, and the gallivant off on your merry way.”

To get the full preview view, click through to my GameArena article here…

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