Preview: Infiltrate Sec-Tow as we take Brink for another spin

After giving you guys a taste of what Brink has to offer earlier this week, as promised here’s the second part of my exclusive hands-on in LA. Once we all got accustomed to the feel and had SMART down pat, it was time to try a never before played level known as Security Tower or Sec-Tow for short. I was fortunate enough to get several playthroughs of the level, including a lash after interviewing one of the game’s developers and taking on board some of his recommendations, namely to focus on the Operative class, the hidden little gem of Brink.

I’m glad I took his advice, as Operative proved to be a different kettle of fish to the other stock-standard varieties.

“After my interview with Richard Ham, I decided to play a mostly overlooked class, that of the Operative. Operative missions tend to go all lone wolf, resembling a spy or ninja more than anything else. The guys maxed my character out at LvL 20 (which is the cap), giving me the most goodies to play with, but also the highest level adversaries to go up against. Challenge accepted! Hitting the command post, I brought up the Operative, chose a lanky body type with the most SMART-tastic options, gave myself a sturdy machine gun and a pistol as my secondary (which will make sense shortly), picked the perks I hadn’t tried yet and set off with another of the Brink developers as a two man Operative wrecking crew.”

Would you like to know more? Click on through to the rest of the GameArena preview here…

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