News: inFamous 2 jumps on the LittleBigPlanet bandwagon

When inFamous hit shelves a couple of years back, it was a battle for gamers’ bucks as it went head to head with Activision’s Prototype for the crown of superhero inspired sandbox type thingy. While it was plagued with pop up issues, I felt inFamous easily took the title with a distinct slant on good versus evil and addictive gameplay that had me finish the damned thing at least twice, while I only managed about three or four hours of Prototype before I moved on with my life. As the hype train rolls in for both sequels, inFamous 2 is offering more diversification and a new twist adding user generated missions to their roster.

Below we’ve got the trailer showing you the types of missions you can easily set up and this seems extremely more user friendly and instantly accessible than LittleBigPlanet 2. The future according to Sony is user content, and I’m completely on board.

As a bonus, I thought I’d throw in the “Duality” trailer, which slipped through the crack showing the two different sides of Cole, and the booty waiting for him along the way. Enjoy!

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