News: First DLC-Crew Leaderboard match this Saturday 9pm

We talked about it on the DLC-Live show for the past few weeks and now it is upon us. This Saturday the 26th of March at 9pm (AEST) the DLC Crew will be going head to head with gamers around the PSN in the first Official Leaderboard Match for 2011. The game for each round will be Killzone 3 and you can find a break down of the scoring system here. Most importantly, to be eligible to win the constantly growing prize pack you MUST register at the DLC Crew forums found here. Once you register, Snake will send you a clan invite so you can get amongst the action.

To help set the tone, I thought I’d give you all a PG-13 taste of the profanity you can expect on the night (see above). Not from members of the DLC Crew, most of them are fine upstanding individuals, more so from me every time I get sniped by some no skill, talentless kill farming fuck.

Hope to see you all there!

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Anonymous

    Soo there, I’m charging my mic now. Let the profanity fly!

  • Anonymous

    Methinks this will be fun.

  • Anonymous

    Post match, I had a laugh at the picture, ended up being quite appropriate :P

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Nostradamus… eerie how I predicted the outcome