News: Duke Nukem Forever delay surprises no-one

It’s the game they said would never have another installment and would probably never ever hit shelves. Could those naysayers actually be on to something? That’s right campers, Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed (in case you missed it in bold on the featured box and at the top of this page). I guess in the scheme of things, what’s another couple of weeks after more than a decade’s wait? But still, it’s never a good sign. The Duke has received what could only be described as a lukewarm response from the local games press. A little tinkering before launch could be just what the doctor ordered.

Gearbox Software head honcho Randy Pitchford chose to take a comedic slant on the delay, as seen in the video below, and we can say thanks for small favours that we’ll get our hands on the Duke four days before our US brethren.

Like they’ve always said, Duke never comes early…

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Anonymous

    lololol Randy troll u…

    Honestly, i dont care if it is mediocre and i’m guessing it’s being called that because it’s being made in a classic Duke style ie ; lots of pretty lights and loud explosions, maybe this style of game has been lost on this generation of gamer.

    I for one cannot wait to get into the Titty City.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the irony.

  • Snake

    Yes unfortunately I think this game will be lost on the so called “current gen” gamers. What this gamers would be lucky to over the age of 4 when DUKE 3D came out, let alone the first couple of side scoller Dukes. His Humor and witty one liners will only really be working on us older gamers..

    Come on Duke Baby.. Its time to rip off some heads and shit down their throats

  • Anonymous